Structural & Spacer Tapes

Remarkably Versatile

Capital Tape is excited to reintroduce the 1/4″ VK Series
When you’ve got a lot riding on the structural integrity of your project, you need a heavy density glazing tape from Capital Tape. Our tape is very tough, dense, virtually invincible, and your perfect choice for:

• Curtain wall structural silicone applications
• Any application that relies on high density urethane gasketing for spacing, vibration, dampening or cushioning
• Excellent adhesion to stainless steel, glass, aluminum, painted metal and vinyl

VK Structural Glazing/Spacer Tape

After months of research, planning, testing and demand, Capital Tape is reintroducing the VK Series 1/4″ thick, double-sided and single-sided, high density PVC foam structural glazing tape. This product is perfect for curtain wall structural silicone and other applications that reply on costly urethane gasketing for spacing, vibration or cushioning, while providing excellent adhesion to stainless steel, glass, aluminum, painted metal and vinyl. We cannot stress enough the cost savings you will see. Please Note: This material is only available in 1/4″ thick

Alternative Structural Glazing/Spacer Tapes

Norton Thermalbond® tapes used in curtain-wall systems are high-density, open-cell, urethane with adhesive on one or two sides. All products listed above have been tested and are compatible with silicone systems manufactured by Dow Corning, General Electric and others.

Available in black or gray (minimums may apply on some size and color options)

Single Coated Thicknesses:

1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” (Single-coated liner-less now available, 3/16″ & 5/16″ only available in V2200)


Double Coated Thicknesses:

1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”

Standard and Non-Standard Widths Available.

​Single coated urethane foams provide the least compressible properties for maintaining consistent space in gasketing applications. Density per cubic foot is 25-31 lbs. Single coated foams are sometimes used in curtainwall applications to avoid unsightly air pockets or “fish eyes”.

The double coated versions are designed for structural glazing; their low thermal conductivity reduces heat transfer and inhibits condensation on windows, doors and metal systems.

These foams offer excellent resistance to weather, fungi, and oxidation.