Residential Glazing Tapes

Exceptionally Strong

Our cellular glazing tapes are designed to form strong attachments to residential windows and doors of all shapes and sizes. Along with their exceptional strength upon application, they’re engineered to perform as long-term gaskets. The superior adhesive systems are designed to meet a variety of end use requirements. Capital Tape also has a line of foam tapes for attaching grids to glass (muntinbars).

Residential Glazing Tapes

Polyethylene foam with adhesive on two sides. Available in white or black with a blue ply-liner. AAMA Approved.


Thicknesses Available:

 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/32″

Standard and Non-Standard Widths Available.


Application Recommendations:

  • Clean contact surfaces, preferably with a 50/50 blend of isopropyl alcohol and water, making sure they are dry. Dirt, grease or other foreign matter will prevent the adhesive from creating a strong bond.
  • Apply the tape using firm steady pressure preferrably with a roller. The bond is enhanced by the amount of surface contact between the adhesive and the substrate.
  • Avoid touching the exposed adhesive area to limit any contamination of the adhesive surface
  • Do not stretch the tape because this will effectively reduce the thickness of the adhesive surface.
  • Remove the release liner with a smooth even pull. 
  • After the glass unit is positioned, apply even pressure over the area where the tape has been applied. 


The products we used in the production of residential windows, whether they are wood, vinyl or aluminum and are silicone compatible and AAMA approved. 



•  Store tape in clean area free from exposure to direct sun light, moisture or heat 

       (50% Relative Humidity – under 80 degrees F is ideal).

•  Shelf life is one year under these conditions.