Ultra-High Bond Tapes

Tough, Aggressive and Built to Last

Whether you need translucent or water clear, standard or custom width, you can count on Capital Tape’s products to blend in beautifully. And they’re as easy to install as they are on the eyes. Our tapes bond metal or plastic to glass or ceramic tile in no time, regardless of the heat or humidity. They provide lifelong performance for interior and exterior applications in the harshest conditions, are clean and safe to use and provides excellent resistance to chemicals, UV, heat and humidity.

Ultra-High Bond Tapes

Acrylic, foamed-core and solid-core tapes. Similar to VHB tapes. Available in white, gray, black, clear and transparent with red or white plastic liner.


Thicknesses Available:

.010″, .018″, .020″, .025″, .030″, .045″, .060″, .080″

Standard and Custom Widths Available.


Application Recommendations:

  • Clean contact surfaces, preferably with a 50/50 blend of isopropyl alcohol and water, making sure they are dry. Dirt, grease or other foreign matter will prevent the adhesive from creating a strong bond.
  • Apply the tape using firm steady pressure preferrably with a roller. The bond is enhanced by the amount of surface contact between the adhesive and the substrate.
  • Avoid touching the exposed adhesive area to limit any contamination of the adhesive surface.
  • Do not stretch the tape because this will effectively reduce the thickness of the adhesive surface.
  • Remove the release liner with a smooth even pull. 
  • After the glass unit is positioned, apply even pressure over the area where the tape has been applied. 


These pressure sensitive foams can eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners in visible areas. There are several colors, including water clear, to blend with substrates. The liner removes easily for the most efficient production and once applied you will had a permanent, waterproof bond. 



•   Store tape in clean area free from exposure to direct sun light, moisture or heat 

         (50% Relative Humidity – under 80 degrees F is ideal).

•   Shelf life is one year under these conditions.