Low-Density & Weather-Stripping Tapes

Built to Last

Similar to the structural glazing tapes, these tapes are designed for applications requiring a very compressible foam to create a seal on uneven surfaces. They flex and conform to seal tight radius curves. Capital Tape’s light density PVC foam tapes are 6-8 lbs. per cubic foot in density.

Low-Density & Weather-Stripping Tapes

6#-8# low-density, single coated, PVC foam tapes available in black or gray. Comes with white paper liner.


Thicknesses Available: 

1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4″

Standard and Non-Standard Widths Available.


Application Recommendations:

  • Clean contact surfaces, preferably with a 50/50 blend of isopropyl alcohol and water, making sure they are dry. Dirt, grease or other foreign matter will prevent the adhesive from creating a strong bond.
  • Apply the tape using firm steady pressure around the unit preferrably with a roller.
  • Avoid touching the exposed adhesive area to limit any contamination of the adhesive surface.
  • Do not stretch the tape because this will effectively reduce the thickness of the adhesive surface.
  • Remove the release liner with a smooth even pull.


PVC Foams are inherently resistant to fire, ultraviolet rays, most chemicals, acids, and solvents. When compressed 30% or more these products completely seal out air, moisture, light, and dust. These products offer flexibility and conformability with added strength and wear resistance. PVC Foams are a cost effective substitute for polyurethane foam substrates for gasket and sealing applications. 



•   Store tape in clean area free from exposure to direct sun light, moisture, or heat 

        (50% relative humidity –  under 80 degrees F is ideal).

•   Shelf life is one year under these conditions.